A new system of creating products by folding single sheets of aluminium, no welding is used, thus making this system very cost effective because of the low manufacturing costs and the speed of erection on site. These products are extremely strong and available in all colours.
The 'Folding café' transported flat, takes the time of a coffee break to erect.
Window Shutters are made from a single sheet of aluminium, the shutters are designed to match an excising aluminium roof, they need little maintenance, are extremely light, and available in any colour.
Herewith it is possible to see the process of folding.
Download Window Shutters Video (DIVX*)
Bathroom cabinet, fold out the parts and glue onto the wall.
The powder coating colours on aluminium on these hook and hanging units are exuberant. Once fixed into place are very sturdy !
Called the 'Tangle' because a single unit was designed as table for making tea, the versatility of the shape was later discovered.
Decorative screens/ room dividers, made by inserting coloured laser cut aluminium sheets into a frame which, creates the pattern. The frame is a single folded sheet of aluminium.
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