Products for fun and ...
'Trained pets' was a project for ÖBB (Austrian Railways) to create a pet friendly carriage on every train.
'Total Toast' - project for fun!
First thoughts for the 'Standing lady'.
The 'Standing lady' can give help while standing that does not need to be hidden away in the broom cupboard, was also designed as a perch and a post office writing table to be used while standing. Weighted with water and is very sturdy.

The Aromantic lamp; fired by a simple candle this double skinned bowl gives a gentle essential oil aroma as well as captivating movement of the liquids inside, as they slowly move around when they become warm.
'Keep the balance' move the shelves left or right at will.
Designed within a recycling project, made from a coloured kitchen waste pipe this torch, with its double reflector inside, converts into a lantern, uses the same bulb for both functions.
Maintenance free slug and snail fence: uses no chemicals and has proved to be a 100% success in the organic garden.
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